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Rafa Nadal Love Song – The One That Got Away

Dearest Rafa,
This is a love song written on behalf of an adoring female fan…
…sung by a man. ❤🎾😢

Nassfeld Super Fün Song – Have a Nice Surprise 2018

February 2018 was our 10th visit to the Nassfeld ski resort so we decided to ask our group what are the top 3 things you think about when visiting Nassfeld?

We took those ideas, borrowed Nassfeld’s official slogan ‘Nice Surprise’ and turned them into the Nassfeld Super Fün Song. Cheesier than Käsespätzle, this music video gives you a true flavour of the ‘Nice Surprise’ that is Nassfeld! 😊🇦🇹⛷🏂🍺🎤🤘

Special thanks to Abi for her backing vocals and Mei Ki for German translations:)


Deep Sleep Dub

A series of dub versions of the same track based around sleep (and inspired by the lack thereof). They were conceived to be meditative. Best listened to on good headphones or speakers. The bass end was engineered to be intentionally heavy and deep (like sleep) so iPhone or laptop speakers won’t cut it! Enjoy…

Peter Pigeon Short Films – They’re Really Short!

Peter Pigeon took the brief of creating an intro sting for a short film event a bit literally…They’re really short!

A short film intro for the film club Around the World in 80 Films:
Club Website

Tan Boy – How to build a DIY Tandoor Oven

The only true way to create that authentic charcoal tandoor clay oven flavour in your food is to use a tandoor oven. Using only a few cheap materials, you can create a simple yet very effective clay oven which will allow you to cook your food in a short time at high temperature.

Introducing Barrel Boy’s brother, Tan Boy!

Remastered Soundtrack

Post Hipster ere’ up North

‘In a changing world that embraces, dilutes then disregards alternative lifestyles, the Post Hipster, remains authentic.’
PostHipster Magazine.

Watch the making of Post Hipster ere’ up North here

Post Hipster – A day out in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

A little look behind the scenes of the Post Hipster ere’ up North Video.

Watch the Post Hipster ere’ up North music video here

Jordi Fiesto – Euro Disco Zone Disco Dub Remix

Extended with extra Dubby goodness…

Original Version

Moorscape by John Reed


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Beyond the valley, beyond the fell
Sights to see but not to speak of…now

Beneath the clouds, beneath the sky
Sights to see but not to speak of…now

Shaped by folds of rock and time
Constant martyr to mankind
Now it’s for us to decide
Where its future lies

Fires burn, buzzards fly
Sights to see but not to speak of…now

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Jordi Fiesto – Euro Disco Zone (Official HD Video)

LumumbaMonolgues presents Jordi Fiesto’s ‘Euro Disco Zone.’

A message from Jordi…

“Hey everybody, Jordi Fiesto here, and it is super cool that you found my video. 

Now for those who aren’t too familiar with myself and my band ‘The Electro Migrants’, we’re kinda big over in the Euro Disco Zone where we play to big crowds from Brussels to Budapest, the Baltic’s to the Balkans and Romania to Rome.

Now we have been hearing a lot of noise about immigration in the Euro Disco Zone from UK politics & media. As I’m sure you all know, there are some pretty intense views which are absolutely not Eurotastic and have made many of us in the Euro Disco Zone wonder if they truly reflect the views of the super cool citizens of the UK?

Well do they?
Is Immigration to blame for all the social and financial problems?

I think that when you are fed a diet of fear by people who are supposed to represent you, over time you will become infected with fear.

And I don’t believe in fear, I believe in unity and love. Disco love.

Sure the Euro Disco Zone is not perfect but then where is? It’s not about Finding a Utopia, it’s about the spirit in which you treat your fellow human beings.

So I decided that every negative action must have a positive reaction, and rather than get angry, I must spread some love, some disco love. And rather than just fighting with these people just show them a better way. A disco way.

And so together with my band, we created a response to the distorted and angry political discourse in the UK in the only way we know how. With Euro Disco.

So exclusively to the LumumbaMonologues Youtube channel I present to you my Eurotastic Disco Dance track.

If you like Disco, you’re going to love this.

Thank you.”

Jordi Fiesto.

The Dubs

A selection of downtime dubs…

Dub Workout – December 2013

Conscious Meditation – October 2013

Marching – November 2012

Warning Dub – September 2012

Randy Trucker – Lovely Lethal Right*

So you think guns are dangerous and kill innocent people and that more gun control is the answer?

Well Randy Trucker’s challenge to you is to watch his debut single and see if at the end you still hold such an unpatriotic and ignorant world view!

*DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this music video are solely those of Randy Trucker and do not represent the views of LumumbaMonologues although we do fully endorse the creamy nature of his voice. We advise all viewers enjoy this music video in the spirit it was intended. 🙂

2017 Remastered Version

#NHS299 Music

Original music to accompany the days theatrics!!!
#NHS299 – A day out with BANK£N$T€IN and friends

I’m Gas Mask Boy – now you’ve made me MAD! (#TraffordGasMaskBoy)

A cool (and disturbing) piece of theatrical protest!!

After unanimous local rejection in Trafford for Peel’s Biomess Incinerator from the people, the council and the local MP, the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government Abuse of Power & Business Interests decided to override the peoples will and give Peel his pollution license as naturally he knows what’s best for the people of Trafford. (From his office down in London)

This decision will not go unchallenged!

Have you ever seen an anguished boy in a suit with a gas mask rage rapping over a heavy remix of Erik Satie? Thought not… turn it up:)

2017 Remastered Version

Figure It Out

A selection of loops and grooves made on the move by twitchy thumbs using Propellerheads Figure.

When Trance and Reggaeton roll around in the mud 🙂

25 minutes is a long time in a Gondola

Something a little more meditative…

My first Figure track inspired while visiting Považská Bystrica in Slovakia 🙂


Something chilled from a rainy day.

Written October 2006

Apathetic Rage

A short piece to accompany the Boxing Day Sales video.

Written January 2012

#GlobalNoise Event Music

The music to accompany the noise!!! – #GlobalNoise Event

Written October 2012

Re: Sturgeon or a Tale of Turner’s Ego Soundtrack

From the mania of the bunker, our makeshift studio, cobbled together from half finished samples comes the original soundtrack for the short film Re: Sturgeon or a Tale of Turner’s Ego. A musical journey through Turner’s mind…

Redemption Soundtrack

Created as the soundtrack for a video promo for the graphic novel ‘Redemption.’

A little rough around the edges the soundtrack was created in an afternoon. (The day before submission day) We sat down in a kitchen with a laptop, a mic, a guitar, a Banjo and a sample of Mexican horns. What we created was a homage to the Western themed soundtrack with a Reggaeton twist.

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