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Off the Meter and Unplugged is a country classic featuring the Phonix Monkey. (Another entry for AWTV) Recorded in a day in a living room with a video camera as a microphone, what this album lacks in production value, polish and competence it makes up for in it’s thought provoking commentary…

Deeply Roman Man
An original track about a deeply Roman mans struggle to fit into modern culture.

A rework of the bluegrass classic ‘My Saro Jane’. A homage to snowboarding down a fine blue slope in Tignes, France.

I'm Still In Love With You
A rework of the Steve Earle with the Del Mcourey band track of the same name with a culinary twist.

Willow Garden
An immoral version of the already immoral bluegrass classic ‘Willow Garden’.

An original composition about the man Dominguez.

25 Minutes To Go
A take on a well known Johnny Cash number spun to highlight the precision of Spanish cooking and vegetarianism.


Phonix monkey’s audio entry to AWTV (a group of disturbed individuals contributing creative alternatives to TV) complete with a monkey barbershop quartet providing backing vocals.

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