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Rafa Nadal Love Song – The One That Got Away

Dearest Rafa,
This is a love song written on behalf of an adoring female fan…
…sung by a man. ❤🎾😢

Nassfeld Super Fün Song – Have a Nice Surprise 2018

February 2018 was our 10th visit to the Nassfeld ski resort so we decided to ask our group what are the top 3 things you think about when visiting Nassfeld?

We took those ideas, borrowed Nassfeld’s official slogan ‘Nice Surprise’ and turned them into the Nassfeld Super Fün Song. Cheesier than Käsespätzle, this music video gives you a true flavour of the ‘Nice Surprise’ that is Nassfeld! 😊🇦🇹⛷🏂🍺🎤🤘

Special thanks to Abi for her backing vocals and Mei Ki for German translations:)


The Doug Stamper Seinfeld Show – Date Night

Why Doug stamper was never cast in a sitcom!

Peter Pigeon Short Films – They’re Really Short!

Peter Pigeon took the brief of creating an intro sting for a short film event a bit literally…They’re really short!

A short film intro for the film club Around the World in 80 Films:
Club Website

Tan Boy – How to build a DIY Tandoor Oven

The only true way to create that authentic charcoal tandoor clay oven flavour in your food is to use a tandoor oven. Using only a few cheap materials, you can create a simple yet very effective clay oven which will allow you to cook your food in a short time at high temperature.

Introducing Barrel Boy’s brother, Tan Boy!

Remastered Soundtrack

Ramsbottom Ribeye Burgers

Ribeye beef steak offers that perfect ratio of meat to fat making it an excellent and most flavoursome alternative to chuck or flank. This burger was made in Ramsbottom in the heart of Lancashire.

BBQ Pork Ribs – Ramsbottom Ribs & Chocolate Beer Pit Beans

There are many ways to prepare and smoke ribs of all cuts and quality and this is just another way. Prepared in Ramsbottom in the heart of Lancashire using local and International ingredients in particular – Chocolate beer EXCLUSIVE to the town of Ramsbottom itself.

Post Hipster ere’ up North

‘In a changing world that embraces, dilutes then disregards alternative lifestyles, the Post Hipster, remains authentic.’
PostHipster Magazine.

Watch the making of Post Hipster ere’ up North here

Post Hipster – A day out in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

A little look behind the scenes of the Post Hipster ere’ up North Video.

Watch the Post Hipster ere’ up North music video here

Peter Pigeon reviews Nassfeld the Austrian Ski Resort

Join Peter Pigeon as he travels to the mountains of Austria to review the Nassfeld ski resort with the help of his contractually obliged guide, Gunter.

A short film for the film club Around the World in 80 Films:
Club Website

There’s much more to do on the moors! – Narrated by Peter Pigeon

Take a journey like never before to the stunning Yorkshire Moors in this archive film narrated by the creamy stylings of Peter Pigeon. You will discover heather, sheep, rocks and much more and after watching this we’re sure you’ll agree, ‘There’s much more to do, on the moors!’

A short film for the film club Around the World in 80 Films:
Club Website

Moorscape by John Reed


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Beyond the valley, beyond the fell
Sights to see but not to speak of…now

Beneath the clouds, beneath the sky
Sights to see but not to speak of…now

Shaped by folds of rock and time
Constant martyr to mankind
Now it’s for us to decide
Where its future lies

Fires burn, buzzards fly
Sights to see but not to speak of…now

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Gravlax – How to make Scandinavian cold cured salmon

Gravlax is a Scandinavian classic, very easy to prepare and a perfect addition to a buffet, or as an impressive starter to a dinner party.

4 tbsp Demerara Sugar
10 tbsp Sea Salt
2 tbsp Pepper (coarsely ground)
2 tsp Coriander seed (coarsely ground)
Zest of a lemon
Zest of a lime
Lime slices – Halved
1.5 – 2kg Salmon side – skinned or unskinned
2 shots of sweet liqueur, gin or vodka
A bunch of dill

Lemon wedges
diced dill
Mustard or Horseradish mayonnaise

Also try with Scandinavian Rye bread

Vikings Dub – ©2016 LumumbaMonologues

Barrel Boy Barbecue – How to build an Oil Drum Barrel BBQ

Ever wanted to make your own BBQ that can fulfil all your BBQ needs?
Well it’s easier than you think (with the right tools) and the results will not only give you great BBQin’ capability but the satisfaction of building something that brings a huge amount of pleasure and excitement to your friends and family. As well as all this you’ll learn some pretty handy DIY and concept design skills in the process.

Barrel Boy was an idea made into reality. There is no definitive way to build an Oil Barrel BBQ, this is our design and build.

Happy Building, Happy BBQin’.

The Barrel Boys.

Easy & Delicious Restaurant Style Chicken Tikka to make at home

1kg Mini chicken breasts, goujons or cubes
250g Greek style yoghurt (full fat)
4tbsp Vegetable oil, sunflower oil or mild olive oil
1/2 Large lime
8cm Fresh pureed ginger or 2 x frozen ginger cubes
6 Fresh pureed garlic cloves or 2 x frozen garlic cubes
5 tbsp TRS tandoori massalla (I use TRS Tandoori Masala)
3 tbsp – Dried methi leaf (Fenugreek)
30g Finely chopped fresh coriander leaf
1 tsp Hot chilli powder (for medium heat)
2 tsp Mint sauce
2 tbsp Mango Chutney

Chicken Tikka Dub – ©2016 LumumbaMonologues

Randy Trucker – Socialist Media

Shameless socialists use every opportunity possible to share their un-American views on social media, and the internet is quickly becoming a no go zone for good honest patriots like Randy Trucker.

But Randy has the answer in this deeply honest and moving appeal.

“If you buy into any guilt inducing celebrity promoting appeal this year, then this one stands out as the only cause that can’t be ignored!”
Bono, Apple Salesman.


For more Randy Trucker:

TERD TALK – Randy Trucker on ‘Prepping’ and how to survive when the internet goes down.

Randy Trucker – Lovely Lethal Right (Official Video)

TERD TALK – Randy Trucker on ‘Prepping’ and how to survive when the internet goes down

One of the major concerns of our time is what will happen “when the shit goes down, the internet is gone and your environment is completely f*%cked”.

In this very first TERD talk Randy Trucker has travelled to the borough of Trafford, Manchester UK, to try and educate the good british folk on how to become a true ‘Prepper’ using the supplies available.

Randy takes a visit to the local B&Q to compile a ‘Preppers shopping list’ of the things one will need when everything turns to shit, the internet and modern medicine has collapsed and you need to protect yourself from the TSR’s (Terrorists, Socialists & Rapists).


Manufactured Life

All it takes is for each one of us to remember…

Each one of us entered this world kicking and screaming, and then we took in our mother’s milk, and with it the narcotic sedative of the cultural norms.

With lullabies we were rocked into a milk-drunk stupor, until we were old enough to let the television reshape our plastic brains into the hypnotic existence of our manufactured life.

At school they taught us and tested us until we could reproduce the code and conduct of the masses, and until every last questioning fibre in our being had been stretched and worked into submission by the national curriculum of the acceptable norm.

And so, puppet-like, we play our part in the pantomime of society.

And yet…
We were made for more than this.

All it takes is for each one of us to remember.
To remember what it was like to be a child full of hopes and dreams and ambitions.

It seems that children see the world for what is really is, and even though they are susceptible to the powerful influences of the manufactured life, they are still able to see through it.

Facade – Everything You Are Not

Facade is the only fragrance you will ever need.
It is dreams, desire, hope, beauty, emotion, humour, charisma and meaning.

It talks to everybody and it is for everyone.
It is, quite simply, Everything You Are Not.

A note from the manufacturer:
“To create this scent took the space of a lifetime.
We had to go back in history to seize the finest aspirations experienced throughout each century. We apprehended what we call the delicacies of identity and locked them up in a prison of glass that only one push can release its scent.
Facade will fix everything about you.

Facade – Everything You Are Not
The perfect gift for Christmas.”

Remastered Soundtrack

Nathaniel (Ham Horror Version)

With some of the finest acting ever seen, ever, LumumbaMonologues presents Nathaniel.

Nathaniel is not only a gripping short horror but also THE textbook on how to raise your children. (But you’ll have to watch past the titles to the end:) A must see for any parent. (or sadist!)

For more of Nathaniel check out Manufactured Life:

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