LumumbaMonolgues presents Jordi Fiesto’s ‘Euro Disco Zone.’

A message from Jordi…

“Hey everybody, Jordi Fiesto here, and it is super cool that you found my video. 

Now for those who aren’t too familiar with myself and my band ‘The Electro Migrants’, we’re kinda big over in the Euro Disco Zone where we play to big crowds from Brussels to Budapest, the Baltic’s to the Balkans and Romania to Rome.

Now we have been hearing a lot of noise about immigration in the Euro Disco Zone from UK politics & media. As I’m sure you all know, there are some pretty intense views which are absolutely not Eurotastic and have made many of us in the Euro Disco Zone wonder if they truly reflect the views of the super cool citizens of the UK?

Well do they?
Is Immigration to blame for all the social and financial problems?

I think that when you are fed a diet of fear by people who are supposed to represent you, over time you will become infected with fear.

And I don’t believe in fear, I believe in unity and love. Disco love.

Sure the Euro Disco Zone is not perfect but then where is? It’s not about Finding a Utopia, it’s about the spirit in which you treat your fellow human beings.

So I decided that every negative action must have a positive reaction, and rather than get angry, I must spread some love, some disco love. And rather than just fighting with these people just show them a better way. A disco way.

And so together with my band, we created a response to the distorted and angry political discourse in the UK in the only way we know how. With Euro Disco.

So exclusively to the LumumbaMonologues Youtube channel I present to you my Eurotastic Disco Dance track.

If you like Disco, you’re going to love this.

Thank you.”

Jordi Fiesto.