All it takes is for each one of us to remember…

Each one of us entered this world kicking and screaming, and then we took in our mother’s milk, and with it the narcotic sedative of the cultural norms.

With lullabies we were rocked into a milk-drunk stupor, until we were old enough to let the television reshape our plastic brains into the hypnotic existence of our manufactured life.

At school they taught us and tested us until we could reproduce the code and conduct of the masses, and until every last questioning fibre in our being had been stretched and worked into submission by the national curriculum of the acceptable norm.

And so, puppet-like, we play our part in the pantomime of society.

And yet…
We were made for more than this.

All it takes is for each one of us to remember.
To remember what it was like to be a child full of hopes and dreams and ambitions.

It seems that children see the world for what is really is, and even though they are susceptible to the powerful influences of the manufactured life, they are still able to see through it.